Layoffs and Strict Return-to-Office Mandates as Sources for Talent Acquisition: A Worksheet | Brian Heger

Talent Acquisition

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Many organizations continue to identify opportunities to recruit top talent for their open positions. One often-overlooked talent acquisition strategy involves recruiting from organizations undergoing layoffs, which is one reason I developed my layoff tracker.Another untapped source of attracting talent, particularly for organizations that offer flexible work arrangements, is recruiting talent from organizations that have mandated stricter return-to-office policies, such as 5-day in-office mandates (e.g., BoeingUPS), 4-day requirements (e.g., Qualcomm), or not allowing Monday and Fridays as work-from-home days (e.g., Deutsche Bank). According to a recent survey by The Conference Board, when workers were asked about the components of compensation most important to them beyond a competitive salary, workplace flexibility ranked at the top of their list, surpassing bonus and incentive pay, paid time off, retirement plans, and health care plans. This, coupled with similar findings from other research, suggests that organizations offering fully remote or flexible hybrid work arrangements have a distinct advantage in attracting a growing talent pool that prioritizes flexible work. To assist recruiting teams in thinking through which organizations to source talent from in the context of layoffs and return-to-office mandates, this worksheet provides a way to organize their ideas.