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As organizations continue to develop leaders to effectively navigate the challenges that they and their teams face today and beyond, a new study suggests that traditional leadership development (LD) programs may have not adequately prepared leaders. And if organizations want to recover from the pandemic and pave a way forward for future growth, their LD approach will need to address these issues. This report, based on survey responses of 21k employees and leaders in the US during the month of June 2020, identifies 7 challenges of LD ranging from #1 More Leaders Need To Be Open To Using Ideas From Outside Their Organization TO #7 More Leaders Need To Openly Share The Challenges They’re Facing. The findings from the study were consistent regardless of whether people were working remotely or in the office–suggesting that the seven challenges are not a result of people suddenly working remotely at scale. Organizations can use these seven challenges as a starting point to assess leadership gaps and determine the required actions to accelerate LD in the areas that matter most.

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