3 Critical Objectives for the CHRO | Russell Reynolds

HR Effectiveness

As CHROs continue to lead their organizations to the recovery phase of the coronavirus crisis, there are implications for how the CHRO role will continue to shift post-pandemic. This article recommends three objectives that CHROs should focus on for long-term success. 1) Re-Orient Externally. CHROs must continue to build and maintain external networks that they leveraged during the pandemic and which enabled them to respond more quickly during the crisis. The ability to tap into the expertise and capacity of other organizations will be critical in the future. 2) Architect a New Approach to Leadership. The pandemic has exposed what good leadership looks like (i.e., empathy, humility, and ability to drive action and decision making centered around purpose). CHROs can re-architect leadership frameworks that can be used by their organizations’ to identify and develop leaders. Also, if certain leaders emerged during the crisis, that were not on succession plans, it is important to consider these individuals as potential successor candidates.  3) Double Down on Organizational Design. Given that organizational priorities, goals, and required skills–to name a few–have shifted, CHROs will need to translate these capabilities into organizational design implications–with a focus on how and where works get done. Other ideas are discussed.

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