Leading the People Function: 5 Key Attributes of Chief People Officers — Whether Day One, 100 or 1,000 | Mercer

HR Effectiveness

This 30-page paper shares five critical attributes that effective Chief People Officers (CPO) deploy — both as leaders of teams and as individuals. The five areas are based on CPO suggestions from global organizations of all sizes. And while the five attributes are informative (by the way I would like to see some research on what business leaders say differentiate top CPOs), two parts of the paper to highlight are 1) Page 4 has 10 questions CPOs can ask themselves to determine how to drive growth in themselves and their company. 2) Page 27 has a blueprint for how first-time CHROs might want to spend their first 100 days. Also, throughout the report, there are behavioral descriptors for how CHROs demonstrate the five key attributes. As bonus resources, here are four additional resources that I have shared at different points and which might help CPOs of all experience levels. 1) Spencer Stuart’sNew CHRO Playbook: Getting Off to a Strong Start as a New Chief Human Resources Officer. This resource helps CHROs gain momentum in their new role through an eight-point plan. 2) Deloitte’s, The Workforce Takes Center Stage: The Board’s Evolving Role, which includes 14 questions that Boards are asking concerning the workforce. 3) Gartner’s, First 100 Days: A Guide for New-to-role Heads of HR, which covers nine steps for accelerating a successful transition of new CHROs and 4) Marc Effron and Jim Shanley’s article, The CHRO’s Team: What Matters Most, which offers three questions that CHROs can ask when determining if they have an all-star HR team.

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