Learning Technology Evolves: Integrated Platforms Are Arriving | Josh Bersin

HR Technology

As employees and workers of all types continue to be reskilled and upskilled due to the changing nature of work and business, organizational learning technologies continue to be a key priority across most HR organizations. Many organizations are continuing to find ways to leverage learning technologies to deliver relevant learning to workers, at the right time, and in an easily digestible format. However, as pointed out by Josh Bersin, there are over 200 Learning Management System (LMS) vendors such as Cornerstone, Saba, SumTotal, and SuccessFactors. Then, there are more than 30 LXP (Learning Experience Platform) vendors, such as Degreed and EdCst, that provide a personalized, social, online learning experience for users. To add to the mix, there are thousands of vendors who build various applications such as collaboration tools like WebEx and Skype. Faced with the overwhelming number of platforms and tools from which to choose, it is easy for learning leaders to become frustrated when making learning technology decisions. To overcome this challenge, organizations are opting for more integrated solutions that provide a more streamlined and effective learning experience. This article provides a nice primer on this topic and can help organizations understand the differences between these platforms and use it as a guide for making more discriminating decisions.


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