LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Talent Trends Report: The Reinvention of Company Culture | LinkedIn

Workforce Trends

This newly released 67-page report explores how flexible work, employee wellbeing, and the “Great Reshuffle”—where workers are reconfiguring their careers—are leading firms to cultivate human-centered cultures. This type of culture focuses on bringing greater humanity in the way leaders lead, support, and grow their employees. One example of how firms enable a human-centered culture through flexibility is Unilever’s pilot program called U-Work (pages 24-25). This program creates a new type of “hybrid” employee who can enjoy the flexibility of being a contract worker and some of the security and benefits enjoyed by full-time workers. U-Work employees are paid for each assignment when they’re working. They get a monthly retainer and a suite of benefits, whether they’re working on an assignment or not. This solution recognizes that many employees want more flexible work arrangements tailored to their personal needs. Employees at the company are using the program at varying stages of their lives, including a factory manager nearing retirement who wants to coach younger workers, a parent who wants to balance caregiver responsibilities and work, and a recent graduate who wants to set up a side business and travel. Other ideas are offered.

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