Make the Most of Your HR Strategy Off-Site | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

Many HR leaders and their teams are currently refining, finalizing, and communicating their 2024 strategies. A common practice in this endeavor is organizing an offsite strategy meeting—typically held in person and away from the office—to align HR’s direction and priorities. This article focuses on how HR leaders can optimize their HR strategy offsite by intentionally managing three phases of the meeting: 1) Before (e.g., curating prereads, separating strategic from transactional topics, and allocating most time to transformative, strategic topics). 2) During (e.g., establishing a clear narrative between HR priorities and business strategy, aligning the functional deliverables to that narrative, and conducting scenario planning for how HR strategy and tactics may shift if certain scenarios unfold). Figure 4 includes four scenarios that can help HR leadership think through responses to specific scenarios. 3) After the Offsite (e.g., harmonizing and cascading the HR strategy across different HR units or regions to drive performance). While the article is angled toward the HR function, the tactics and approaches are adaptable to any function or business unit. As a bonus, here is an article by Pyn that provides ideas for running a successful HR strategy offsite.