March Issue of HR Leaders Monthly: 6 Articles | Gartner

Workforce Trends

This 38-page March 2022 issue of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly Magazine includes six articles on various work, workplace, and workforce topics. They range from employees’ perceptions and expectations for hybrid work, how the pandemic and the transition to hybrid have affected women, and three pandemic lessons for building a better recruiting function. Two articles focus on performance management (PM), one of which begins on page 12 about integrating wellbeing (WB) into PM. The author discusses how firms can use PM to help employees meet their WB needs, such as by documenting and being held accountable for WB goals. Since not all employees and managers feel comfortable talking about personal WB, there are a few examples of how firms are tackling this issue (e.g., training managers what to say or do and not to say or do when offering WB support). This article also emphasizes the importance of integrating personal contexts into performance assessments to understand how disruptions affect employees’ overall wellbeing. Two sources of disruption mentioned are 1) Work disruptions: disruptions to the business unit, team, project, or workflow (e.g., change in responsibilities, loss of key team members), 2) Personal disruptions: disruptions to the individual employee’s ability to work (e.g., new caregiving responsibilities, inadequate workspace. Figure 3 on page 17 applies these two types of disruptors on a Disruption Differentiation Matrix to help managers determine how they might message performance feedback. Many other ideas are discussed in this issue, including on p. 26 where there are 5 triggers for determining when to adjust performance goals.

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