Measuring Equity in Candidate Experience | Gartner for HR

Talent Acquisition

The candidate experience is described as the perception and feelings of a job seeker about an employer and their job application process. This report shows how different candidates experience the job application process in different ways. The report summarizes the state of candidate experience segmented by gender, racial composition (U.S.), and sexual orientation (U.S.). A few points include: 1) Women are more likely than men to discontinue an application process for work-life balance. 2) Racially diverse candidates in the U.S. are more likely to discontinue an application process because of the diversity of the team and the management style of the potential manager. 3) LGBTQ + candidates are more likely to not apply for a job because they perceive they lack the education and years of work experience required for the role. 4) Men are significantly more likely to receive application support, including a timeline for the length of the process, a list of process steps, and practice or preparation materials before their interviews. While many factors besides candidate demographics could influence the candidate experience, HR and talent acquisition practitioners can use this report to understand high-level differences in experience between candidate segments; they can use these insights to improve the candidate experience.

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