Mitigating Bias in Performance Management | Deloitte Insights

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Prior to COVID-19, performance management bias (PMB) was a topic of interest to many organizations that seek to achieve more fair and objective performance management (PM). However, the pandemic has radically disrupted how organizations are operating, which in turn can exacerbate PMB–ranging from inconsistencies in goal difficulty and evaluation, coaching and feedback, development opportunities, and rewards. This article provides an overview of how bias can impede performance, why it needs to be addressed, and a threefold approach for mitigating bias in PM. The threefold approach, ACT, includes 1) Awareness, 2) Calibration, 3) Technology. What I like about this article is that, for each of the three areas, it provides practical suggestions segmented by a) Leaders, b) HR Professionals, and 3) Team Members, on tactics and behaviors that can reduce PMB. For example, for Calibration–” the deliberate and thoughtful process of making data-informed and fact-driven decisions as opposed to making decisions driven by groupthink or gut instinct”- one thing leaders can do is “seek and interpret data to offer objective, meaningful, and unbiased feedback.” As organizations continue to refine their PM efforts, this is a timely resource that provides useful ideas.

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