Moments That Matter: An Emerging Approach to Understanding Employees | Gartner

Talent Management

The phrase “moments that matter” stems from the customer experience function’s “moments of truth” or the moments in a customer’s journey that determine if they will make a purchase from an organization. In the context of employees and the workplace, “moments that matter” are the moments that impact an employee’s organizational experience most significantly across an employee’s day, year, and career. This research by Gartner shows that there are five distinct elements of moments (Table 1 on p.4) that matter to employees: 1) Emotion-generating (e.g., moments that elicit a strong emotional response), 2) Scalable (e.g., moments that impact many in the employee population), 3) Frequent (e.g., moments that occur most often in an employee’s experience), 4) Business-aligned (e.g., moments that are aligned with the business strategy, culture, and organizational values and 5) Critical talent aligned (e.g., disproportionately impact a critical or desired employee population). As firms develop strategies to drive aspects of the employer value proposition and employee experience, this framework provides useful ideas for evaluating the moments that matter.

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