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This reference provides a list of nearly 100 models leadership models. In looking at these models, it is interesting to see 1) the enormous overlap across the models, and 2) in many cases, the large number of leadership capabilities and behaviors we are expecting of leaders and suggesting that are of equal importance. With all the investments in leadership models and leadership development over the years, it is concerning that organizations still experience significant challenges in building leadership capability fast enough to keep pace with the needs of their business. As organizations evaluate their own leadership models, it is a good opportunity to ask: What vital few things do our leaders need to be exceptional at in order to: 1) successfully respond to the shifting demands and challenges they face in their roles 2) accelerate the delivery of strategic capabilities and business strategy and 3) foster an organizational culture that enables business strategy execution as well as the behaviors and ways of working that are important to us as a company. Questions like these can help pinpoint the vital few leadership capabilities versus the trivial many.

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