New CHRO Playbook: Getting Off to a Strong Start as a New Chief Human Resources Officer | Spencer Stuart

HR Effectiveness

Several Chief HR Officer (CHRO) appointments have been made in organizations over the past few months. In my own “eyeball analysis” of newly announced CHROs during the last 45 days, I’ve counted at least 250 appointments. As CHROs transition into their new roles, this resource helps them gain momentum through an eight-point plan. The eight points are also displayed on a 114-day timeline, with 14 days devoted to pre-start activities. The eight include: 1) Prepare yourself during the countdown, 2) Align expectations, 3) Shape your human resources team, 4) Craft your strategic agenda, 5) Start transforming culture, 6) Manage your boss, 7) Communicate, and 8) Avoid common pitfalls. Regarding common pitfalls to avoid, one of them is failing to connect early with board members about C-suite succession and the newly appointed CHRO’s role in navigating this for the organization. And with many boards taking an increased interest in workplace issues beyond succession, CHROs can expand these early conversations to include other topics. As a bonus resource, I am resharing a Deloitte article, The Workforce Takes Center Stage: The Board’s Evolving Role, which includes 14 questions that Boards are asking concerning the workforce.

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