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People Analytics

People analytics (PA) as a discipline continues to evolve at a breakneck speed as organizations seek to leverage the power of data to make better, faster business decisions. As PA functions evolve, many of them are exploring questions such as: How can I improve my impact? How can I create more value? What should I focus on? In answering these questions, the Insight222 Nine Dimensions for Excellence in People Analytics looks at nine dimensions, grouped into three categories. 1) Building foundations – revolve around having the right elements in place upfront to enable success in the future, before the work becomes too complex. This dimension includes things like governance, methodologies, and stakeholders. 2) Managing Resources– that are needed to develop solutions and deliver impact from PA and include people (skills), technology, and data. 3) Delivering value by impacting workforce experience, business outcomes, and culture. PA functions can use this framework to evaluate their current state and develop plans to evolve. In case you missed it, you can check out my summary of McKinsey’s recent article, How to Be Great at People Analytics, which provides six best-in-class practices of PA functions.

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