Organizational Design and Workforce Planning: Core Capabilities to Become a Quantified Organization | Deloitte Blog: Capital H

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning (WP) remains a priority for organizations, but many practitioners still struggle with its implementation. A Gartner survey of Chief HR Officers reveals that only 28% feel confident in their organizations’ WP approach. Mercer’s 2022 Global Talent Trends study highlights WP as a top concern for business and HR leaders. Concurrently, organizations are embracing new forms of organizational design to keep up with the fast and changing nature of work. Although traditionally treated as separate disciplines, this new Deloitte article emphasizes the need for organizations to integrate WP and organization design (OrgD). OrgD aligns strategy with the operating model and structure, while WP anticipates talent needs, identifies gaps, and determines suitable tactics, such as buying, building, borrowing, or automation. The article showcases how integrating these practices can benefit organizations in various scenarios, including expansion, reorganization, and creating an agile structure. As a supplement to this article, here is my 2019 People+Strategy Journal article on workforce planning that I co-authored with Anisha Aulbach. While the article is a few years old, many insights can help practitioners think through aspects of their WP. And for more insights on OrgD, check out Rupert Morrison’s book, Data-driven Organization Design: Delivering Perpetual Performance Gains Through the Organizational System.