Our Next Normal Workforce Trends in 2021 Report | Randstad

Workforce Trends
As firms adjust their talent management strategies, this 26-page report by Randstad helps think through 1) What does a newly mobile workforce mean for hiring and retention? 2) How is remote work and the increased reliance on technology affecting different generations? 3) Can employers require vaccinations, and if so, how should they handle exemptions? 4) How can employers leverage new workforce management models to attract and retain talent? 5) How did the pandemic change workers’ expectations about health and safety, and are those changes permanent. Chapter 2 (p.15)New Ways of Working Mean New Opportunities & New Expectations—notes how one challenge of remote work reported by leaders and managers is that they feel they don’t have full visibility into their remote workers’ productivity–which can lead to performance management bias (PMB). To minimize PMB, firms should reframe how they define “productivity” and use clearly defined KPIs for assessing the performance of remote talent. For more on reducing performance management bias, check out this webinar by Angela Lane and The Talent Strategy Group. 

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