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HR Effectiveness

While the coronavirus pandemic has transformed C-suite roles worldwide, one role that has been revolutionized is the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). A new IMSA Search report examines how the COVID-19 crisis has demanded new capabilities and duties for CHROs, with particular emphasis on three key areas: 1) The Organizational Model. COVID-19 forced leaders to create organization models based on working from home, which raises several issues such as “how will managers translate existing work rules, meeting schedules, and communications strategies to the new reality? Who will pay for remote workers’ connectivity and any required equipment? How should an organization build and implement a long-term employee recognition strategy for remote workers?” 2) Hiring and talent management. Candidates are cautious about their choices, and post-pandemic company structures are just developing, which means that, in some cases, it may be difficult to predict who might be the best fit for the organization.” 3) Rebuilding a Corporate Culture ASAP. The pandemic has forced organizations to operate in news ways, many of which will become part of its culture beyond the pandemic. CHROs will be at the helm in helping to renew aspects of organizational culture. Other ideas are discussed for each of the three areas.

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