Partially Virtual, Wholly Productive: The Hybrid Culture of Tomorrow | Deloitte

Workforce Trends

As many leaders reassess their organizations’ remote and hybrid work policies, this 13-page paper offers several insights. Page 11, in particular, emphasizes the importance of using “moments that matter” as a foundation for determining when employees need to be in a company-designated office location. Aligning with this perspective, a previously shared Microsoft WorkLab article, In the Changing Role of the Office, It’s All About Moments That Matter, underscores the significance of establishing “in-person” office expectations based on these meaningful moments rather than enforcing a minimum number of office days. It highlights research identifying three scenarios where in-person connections offer distinct advantages: 1) Strengthening team cohesion, especially vital in the context of increasingly dispersed organizations. 2) Facilitating effective onboarding for new roles, teams, or companies, as face-to-face interactions foster trust and relationship-building during the initial stages of a new job. 3) Initiating a project, particularly in its early phases, to align team members, stimulate innovation, and share tacit knowledge. Both the Deloitte and Microsoft WorkLabs resources can help organizations think through the question: “What are the moments that matter for us?” The answers can provide guidance for determining when in-office interactions are likely to be meaningful and deliver value.