People Analytics Tech 2020 | Red Thread Research via PAFOW

People Analytics

In the last few months of the COVID-19 crisis, people analytics (PA) has played a vital role in providing critical decision support across many organizations. As many PA leaders double down on the use of PA tools and determine which PA investments to make in 2021 and beyond, this 40-page report helps answer: 1) How did the people analytics tech vendor market change in 2020? 2) What are the newest capabilities you need to know about? 3) What should you be thinking about when making a people analytics tech investment? The study has various findings, including that practitioners have more technology choices than ever with 121 PA technologies on the market today–a 35 percent growth rate between 2019 and 2020. Despite the vast number of vendors, many solutions are not as easy to use or user-friendly as vendors believe them to be. Given that ease of use and simplicity is expected by users of PA tools, decision-makers will need to determine which vendors can differentiate on this capability. Throughout the report, several questions are provided that PA leaders can use to assess vendors on various capabilities.

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