Performance Management Playlist | Brian Heger

Talent Management

As organizations use performance management (PM) as one enabler of business performance and stakeholder value, this one-page reference provides five resources to help answer questions related to PM. The five questions include:

  1. What PM practices do organizations use (and don’t use) today?
  2.  How can employee well-being be integrated into PM?
  3.  What are the triggers for when employee goals might be adjusted?
  4.  How can we mitigate bias in PM? 
  5. How can we use PM to enable collaboration across business units and cross-functional silos?

The reference includes links to the five source documents from Gartner, Deloitte Insights, Harvard Business Review, and The Talent Strategy Group. The reference also includes a few points made in each resource. For example:

  • The Talent Strategy Group’s 2023 report on the PM practices of over 300 organizations shows that 90% use performance ratings, nearly 50% ask employees to assign themselves a rating, and 17% enforce a rating distribution.
  • Regarding integrating well-being and PM, Gartner mentions how performance feedback discussions can incorporate three types of well-being conversations, including disruption-focused conversations, which address how employees are coping with disruptions that can affect performance (e.g., change in responsibilities, loss of key team members, etc.).

Before digging into these five resources, start with the foundational questions: what is the purpose and objectives of our company’s PM? What is our PM trying to solve? From there, determine the PM practices that enable those goals and outcomes.