Performance Reviews Need a Brand-New P&L | INSEAD Knowledge

Talent Management

The pandemic events over the past 19 months continue to have implications for performance management. Hybrid work, the continuous shifting of work goals and priorities, and workers trying to balance work demands and personal obligations are among the several factors that have affected how firms evaluate employee performance. Meanwhile, top of mind for many organizations is employee well-being, retention, and attracting top talent in a competitive labor market. And while a segment of organizations views these factors as distinct topics, they are firmly connected. Stated differently, understanding the interplay between these talent components can be a pivotal lever for improving performance, wellbeing, engagement, and firm performance. This article caught my attention because it includes 18 questions that I believe can uncover answers for driving meaningful impact in the areas mentioned above. And as many organizations are getting ready to have performance check-in discussions with their workers before the year-end, it might be good to use a few of these questions as part of those discussions. They range from: What are your aspirations for career advancement? What are your needs at this life stage? How do your lifestyle needs align with your growth aspirations? Organizations can prepare their managers to have these conversations and use the resulting output to affect change in the areas that matter most.

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