Plan Your Human Capital Strategy With CHRO Strategic Roadmaps | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

Last week, I shared a one-page Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) reference that includes 12 resources for CHROs as they drive personal, team, and organizational effectiveness. These resources covered topics such as transitioning to a new CHRO role to talent questions the board of directors might ask. One topic I continue to get requests to cover is: resources that help HR leaders shape and communicate aspects of their HR strategy. This new Gartner article provides ideas that cover on one page all the essential elements of a strategic HR plan, including 1) Scenario — a brief description of the setting the organization is facing, 2) Underlying beliefs and assumptions  a set of elements the CHRO can’t change, and that enable and reinforce the purpose of the strategy (for example, a company’s strategy), 3) Top human capital strategic initiatives — what the CHRO and HR senior leadership team are responsible for and can control via the HR strategy, 4) KPIs — measures to evaluate the impact of each initiative and 5) Rationale — bullet points explaining the reasons for selecting each priority. Figure 1 on page 12 shows an illustration using a scenario titled and described “HR Strategy for Hybrid Work: Your organization is shifting to full-time hybrid/remote work for some, if not all employees.” Considerations for other scenarios (e.g., Organization in Hypergrowth; Post-M&A Integration) are covered.