Podcast: CEO and CHRO Priorities for 2024 | The Conference Board

HR Effectiveness Podcast | Webinar

I recently shared The Conference Board C-Suite Outlook 2024 report, providing an overview of the challenges and opportunities facing the world’s top business leaders, along with their strategies for addressing them. In a new 29-minute podcast episode of CEO Perspectives, Diana Scott, Center Leader of the US Human Capital Center and former Chief HR Officer of several companies, joins President and CEO Steve Odland, both of The Conference Board, to discuss the results and their implications for human capital. One priority discussed is attracting and retaining talent. Diana notes that while this priority is not new, the approaches to attract and retain talent may look different due to various converging factors, including the economic climate, labor shortages, high labor costs, low unemployment, changing demographics (e.g., baby boomers leaving the workforce), remote work, and rapid technological advancements, to name a few. Other priorities are discussed. As HR practitioners source talent to meet their organizations’ talent needs, I’m resharing an i4cp article with an infographic on 11 talent sources. Beyond talent sources, I also recommend that organizations identify opportunities to offload work tasks to AI when AI is the optimal choice. This approach helps firms reallocate their workforce’s capacity for tasks better suited for humans.