Podcast: Defining Potential | Allan Church with JP Elliot via the Future of HR Podcast

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Developing the next generation of leaders is a top priority for CEOs globally, according to The Conference Board’s C-suite Outlook 2022: Reset and Reimagine Report. And while identifying and developing high-potential employees has been a longstanding pursuit of many organizations, firms still struggle with accurately defining and measuring potential. In this 50-minute podcast, host JP Elliot interviews Allan Church on aspects of employee potential. Allan shares several insights on 1) the three types of potential: why they matter and when to use them, 2) PepsiCo’s GREAT5 leadership model and how it applies at different stages of one’s career, and 3) Why communicating potential ratings will increase, not decrease employee engagement. For one of the most comprehensive and well-researched models on potential, check out Allan’s book chapter (along with co-author Rob Silzer) —Identifying and Assessing High-Potential Talent: Current Organization Practices — in Strategy-Driven Talent Management. Also, here is Allan’s article, Think Outside the 9-Box , which covers other insights on employee potential. If you have not subscribed to JP’s Future of HR Podcast, I recommend doing so. He has several new podcast episodes featuring guests such as Marc Effron, Angela Lane, and Holly Tyson, to name a few.