Podcast: Getting Started with a Skills-Based Talent Strategy | Digital HR Leaders Podcast

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In this conversation with David Green and Karen Powell, Chief Talent and Learning Officer at IQVIA,  Karen discusses various points on IQVIA’s ongoing journey to shift to more of a skill-based talent strategy. She notes, “We have got to stop the organization thinking about purely job descriptions and instead how do we break up the job descriptions or the jobs that need to be done, into the skills that we need to do those things.” Karen describes how skills are becoming the lens through which various aspects of talent strategy, processes, and programs are being driven—including workforce planning and the internal talent marketplace (ITM). She uses the analogy that “turning on talent marketplace is like turning up a dimmer, not flicking on a light switch.” This podcast is worth the listen and goes nicely with another ITM resource I posted by Edie Goldberg that describes how firms can use projects to help employees gain new experiences & skills, explore new career opportunities, & demonstrate skills they have but may not be used in their current role.

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