Podcast: How Generative AI Changes Organizational Culture | HBR IdeaCast

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In this 37-minute podcast episode, host Amy Bernstein speaks to two experts, Nitin Mittal and Tsedal Neeley about how to adopt generative AI effectively and ethically within an organization. Nitin leads Deloitte’s global AI business and cowrote the book All-in On AI: How Smart Companies Win Big with Artificial IntelligenceTsedal is a professor at Harvard Business School and wrote the HBR article “8 Questions About Using AI Responsibly, Answered.” A few points mentioned during the discussion include: 1) Nitin discusses the potential impact of generative AI on organizations and their employees. He mentions a client’s concern about job losses for employees from disadvantaged backgrounds due to the implementation of generative AI in a call center. Mittal suggests that reskilling and vocational training can help employees transition to new roles that involve working with AI technology. 2) Tsedal emphasizes the need for organizations to develop fluency in generative AI and engage in careful experimentation. She mentions the importance of digital leaders guiding the implementation of AI technologies and setting boundaries to protect company data. The podcast episode also mentions other ideas and perspectives on the topic. As a supplement to this resource, I am resharing three resources: 1) Generative AI: Questions CHROs Should Ask | The Conference Board. A 10-page paper with 35 questions that Chief HR Officers and their teams can consider while helping to establish guidelines for utilizing generative AI in their organizations2) ChatGPT in HR Examples | Brian Heger. This PDF includes 4 ChatGPT HR prompts and screenshots of the output. You can access 6 additional prompts through the provided link. 3) The Role of Generative AI and Large Language Models | Josh Bersin. Covers seven use cases for how generative AI tools have the potential to revolutionize HR and various talent practices.