Podcast: How IBM is Reinventing HR with AI and People Analytics | The Digital HR Leaders Podcast

People Analytics Podcast | Webinar

In this 45-minute podcast, David Green talks with Diane Gherson to discuss how IBM is infusing AI and analytics into HR. Several topics are discussed, one of which is how IBM has created a marketplace for talent, encompassing skills, personalized learning, career management, and internal mobility. In particular, Diane speaks about how their talent platform a) Enables personalized learning built just like Netflix, where it takes a person’s career aspirations and other talent information and recommends internal and external learning content. The platform then learns what the learner takes and suggests what the learner should take next. b) Scrapes all the job postings of IBM’s competitors to understand the direction of skill demand so that workers can start aligning their career goals and their learning goals with where the market is going. This information is then integrated into career discussions. c) Surfaces internal roles inside IBM to candidates and even indicates the extent to which they are a match with those roles. This podcast is replete with various ideas and is worth the 45-minute investment.

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