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People Analytics Podcast | Webinar

In this podcast, David Green interviews Jeremy Shapiro, the Executive Director for Workforce Analytics at Merck, to discuss the considerable progress the field of People Analytics has made over the past decade. This episode is recorded in two parts, part 1 was recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, and part 2 was recorded more recently in the midst of the crisis. During this 55 minute podcast, they discuss everything from a) how workforce analytics team is organized at Merck and talk through examples of their work, b) The New York strategic HR analytics meet up group that Jeremy co-founded and how this has helped foster a thriving people analytics community in NY, c) Whether AI and automation is a threat or an opportunity for HR d) work that the team is doing around employee listening, both using active and passive data sources e) how the COVID-19 crisis is acting as an accelerant to digital transformation and the work of people analytics teams, to name a few. Aside from the podcast, the link also provides a transcript from the discussion, which is a great one by all measures.

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