Podcast: How to Create Psychological Safety at Work | Amy Edmondson w/David Green | Digital HR Leaders Podcast

Leadership & Culture Podcast | Webinar

Many workers continue to feel varying degrees of anxiety and stress due to the impact that COVID-19 continues to have on aspects of work and life. With this as the backdrop, it seems even more critical for organizations, leaders, managers, and colleagues to foster a workplace of psychological safety (PS). In this 40 minute podcast, Amy Edmondson and David Green have a discussion on the topic. Amy shares that PS is created when colleagues trust and respect each other and feel able, even obligated, to be candid and speak up about what they are feeling, to name a few. Insights are offered on how to create PS in virtual teams, the role of leaders and HR in creating PS, and examples of how organizations are creating PS within their cultures. I particularly like the point that Amy reinforces how when leaders demonstrate vulnerability by sharing what they are feeling, it invites others to do the same. In turn, this enables a culture that fosters PS– well beyond the pandemic.

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