Podcast: How to Design and Build a Talent Machine | The Leading Edge Podcast

Podcast | Webinar Talent Management

In this 35-minute discussion, Marc Effron talks with Thomas A. Stewart about many of the talent challenges facing firms today. Marc notes how many of these talent challenges (e.g. Great Resignation) aren’t necessarily new, but rather noticeable and more expensive to solve. As noted in the discussion, companies can raise the level of talent management if they look at talent acquisition and retention as if they were a production line. To develop a strong team, you must get clear on what you’re trying to build, who you want in the company, the raw materials you need (that is, what people you need to fill pivotal roles), and the ways in which you assemble it (that is, your hiring processes, training and development, and retention tools). Marc breaks down the critical components of a successful talent philosophy and talent strategy, why you should invest in your top employees, and how to de-risk your talent production process. The conversation begins at the two-minute point of the podcast.

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