Podcast: HR Earned a Seat at the Table. Now What? | Paychex HR Podcast | Josh Bersin

HR Effectiveness Podcast | Webinar

In this 25-minute podcast, Josh Bersin discusses how HR leaders are adapting to new responsibilities and changing priorities during the pandemic. Josh addresses everything from the “tightrope between employee engagement and work-life balance, getting more from your existing HR technology platforms, new techniques for networking with your industry peers, and the power of a positive outlook.” He mentions how the pandemic has caused an urgency around many HR-related topics, which in turn has many in HR feeling that they have the freedom and buy-in to make decisions quickly, try new things and course correct vs. having to build multi-year plans that require heavy socialization with stakeholders. The conversation also covers how there are various changes in how technology tools are being used, such as how collaboration tools (e.g., Yammer, Microsoft teams, etc.) are not only vital communication tools but learning tools. I am also including the 20+ page Paychex Pulse of HR Survey report that was referenced in the discussion.

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