Podcast: No Rules the Netflix Way With Erin Meyer | The Talent Angle

Leadership & Culture Podcast | Webinar

This 54-minute podcast discussion with host Scott Engler and guest Erin Meyer, professor at INSEAD, addresses how Netflix’s unconventional corporate culture fosters an environment of employee freedom and responsibility. Rather than focus on excessive rules and processes that can diminish innovation and creativity, Erin argues firms can focus on fostering an environment of candor—where employees give candid feedback to each other and their leaders, and then “create co-accountability where people responsibly behave.” This approach is used at Netflix, which has enabled the firm to be more agile and innovative. As I listened through parts of the podcast, it reminded me of a post I made on an article by Lars Schmidt (author of Redefining HR) where he noted: “We work so hard to find exceptional talent for our organizations. Why do we diminish their value and impact with unnecessarily burdensome and complicated processes and procedures?” As firms continue to adjust processes and policies to fit a post-pandemic workplace, I thought both resources could provide an interesting perspective.

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