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Several months ago, I shared a post based on an article by John Boudreau titled, Jobs Are Melting Into Fluid Work. The article points out how traditional jobs will continue to “melt” into more fluid tasks. And since jobs have been the lens through which many HR and Talent practices are driven (from learning, compensation to workforce planning, to name a few), the notion of “fluid tasks” has several implications for talent management strategies and practices. In this newly released podcast episode of Get Reworked, co-hosts Siobhan Fagan and Mike Prokopeak talk to John and futurist Ravin Jesuthasan about highlights of their forthcoming book, Work Without Jobs, scheduled for release in 2022. This 52-minute podcast is full of insights on how Talent and HR leaders can help their firms prepare and shift their mindsets, leadership approaches, and HR practices and systems to manage and optimize work at the “deconstructed level.”  Please note that when you click on the link, it will require you to select the listening method (e.g., Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, etc.) you prefer.

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