Podcast: The Future of HR with Dave Ulrich, David Green, et.al | Digital HR Leaders Podcast

HR Effectiveness Podcast | Webinar

Few functions were thrust more in the spotlight in 2020 than HR. And as HR organizations get ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, the conversation is increasingly shifting towards how the function can deliver value for its various stakeholders. With this as the backdrop, David Green facilitates a discussion in this podcast with Dave Ulrich, Rupert Morrison, and Brigette McInnis-Day on how HR can generate value for the business, the customer, the workforce, investors, and the community at large. Several topics are discussed, including: how HR can be more value and business-focused; the skills that Google looks for in its HR business partners, and how Google measures its culture; the impact of the pandemic on workforce planning, organizational design and people analytics; and what HR can do in 2021 to capture more value for the business, to name a few. In terms of what Google looks for in its People Partners (HRBPs), one thing is the ability to use data, analytics, and metrics to understand the issues at hand and inform decisions. Several other ideas are discussed across all the topic areas, and the podcast is certainly worth the time investment.

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