Podcast: The Shift to a Skills-Based Organization with Deloitte’s Michael Griffiths | Dan Pontefract Podcast

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Organizations are increasingly trying to shift from role-based to skill-based talent practices. But as I noted in a recent post about the Deloitte article, The Skills-based Organization: A New Operating Model for Work and the Workforce, fewer than one in five organizations have adopted skills-based approaches to a significant extent. Another recent report by the Conference Board (I can’t share the full report since it is only for their members) shows that 66 percent of surveyed organizations report being in the early stages of preparing or just getting started to adopt skills-based talent practices. As organizations continue to navigate the transition to skills-based talent practices, this new 27-minute podcast episode provides a few insights. In the episode, Dan Pontefract interviews Michael Griffiths — a senior partner, Principal, and Lead in Deloitte’s Workforce Transformation practice. Michael is a co-author of the Deloitte article mentioned above. He elaborates on many of the points from the article and provides suggestions for how organizations can start integrating skills into their talent practices. As a bonus, here is another recent podcast episodeAre We Entering The Era Of Work Without Jobs?, where Dan has a conversation with Ravin Jesuthasan—Senior Partner and Global Leader for Transformation Services at Mercer and co-author (along with John Boudreau) of the book, Work Without Jobs: How to Reboot Your Organization’s Work Operating System.