Podcast: The Top HR Trends That Are Set to Disrupt The Workplace in 2023 | Digital HR Leaders Podcast

Podcast | Webinar Workforce Trends

In this 43-minute podcast, Ian Bailie (Board advisor to Insight222 and SVP of People Operations at Crypto), David Green (Managing Partner, Insight222), Diane Gherson (former Chief Human Resources Officer at IBM and now Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School), and Dave Ulrich (Professor at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and Co-founder of RBL Group.) discuss 2023 workforce trends. The conversation covers: a recap of the development of the predictions and trends of 2022, how HR can get started in the shift towards a skills-based approach to talent, HR’s role in creating certainty in a world of uncertainty, overcoming the paradox and disconnect between employer and employee needs—and HR’s mediating role, and the skills HR needs in 2023 and beyond to really make a difference. In one part of the discussion on skill-based talent practices, Dave refers to task-based strategic workforce planning (SWP)—where the primary component of the planning is less about the skills and more about the work tasks to be accomplished. Dave mentions: The beauty of focusing on work tasks, not work skills or workforce, is a lot of those tasks will be done through technology. The task could be done by a full-time employee, a part-time employee, a contractor, which we’ve seen; but a task could also be done by AI, by technology.” This approach is useful for aspects of SWP since it helps to determine which tasks are best delivered through various options (e.g., full-time employee, contractor, AI, etc.) You can read more about work-task planning in Dave’s article, From Workforce to Work-task Planning.