Podcast: Today’s Skills, Tomorrow’s Jobs: How Will your Team Fare in the Future of Work? | McKinsey

HR Technology Podcast | Webinar

Organizations continue to determine the impact of automation and the changing nature of work on reskilling and upskilling their workforce. Part of this assessment requires a firm to determine the skills it will need (demand) and how much of those skills will be available (supply) when needed. And although predicting skill demand is challenging, determining the skills supply (even within a firm’s workforce) is just as difficult. This 35-minute podcast reinforces how many firms lack an understanding of the skills currently in their workforce. It notes how external platforms, such as LinkedIn, have better insight into workers’ skills than many firms have of their employees. Although employees can enter and update their skills manually into an organization’s HR tech platform, this approach is time-consuming and has a short- shelf life given how quickly skills change. One solution is to use AI that can infer employees’ skills based on the roles they’ve held, their experiences, and the learning they acquired, to name a few. Such an approach can enable firms and their talent to prepare for and thrive in an uncertain future. (Note: when you open the article and scroll down a little, you will see the play button for the podcast on the left-hand side).

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