Audio: Internal Talent Marketplace is Critical | Josh Bersin

Podcast | Webinar Talent Development

In this 15-minute audio clip, Josh Bersin talks about talent mobility within organizations. In particular, Josh mentions how career models, based on functional hierarchies, are continuing to become less relevant in today’s organizations. Instead of well-defined career tracks within a function, internal mobility is driven increasingly by horizontal and vertical moves that transcend functions, and that provide a variety of experiences that enable a greater perspective. As companies continue to initiate new projects and initiatives, they need workers that can move into roles and projects quickly. In order to do this, Josh argues that we need a more dynamic and agile way of managing talent and leveraging the “internal talent market place,” which includes buyers and sellers. In the organizational context, the buyers are the managers, and the sellers are the workers. The concept of matching buyers and sellers is very similar to platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, where Buyers post “gigs” and Sellers submit on those gigs, if interested. As companies accelerate the deployment and development of internal talent, many firms will become more akin to a professional services company in which there are agile projects, and people join them at various times. Josh provides an additional perspective on this topic, including technology platforms that enable this capability.

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