Putting Skills First: Opportunities for Building Efficient and Equitable Labour Markets | The World Economic Forum

Talent Management

Numerous resources have been shared on how organizations are shifting more toward skills-based talent practices. While these resources offer valuable insights, they often lack real-world examples of how organizations are translating these skills-based ideas into action. The World Economic Forum addresses this gap in its new 48-page report, part of which showcases 13 case studies referred to as “Lighthouses.” Starting on page 16, these case studies highlight how eight employer-based organizations and five more from the government and education sectors are implementing skills-based approaches based on various purposes. A few examples include Natixis, which revamped its internal mobility policies to align jobs with future skill demands, and the London Stock Exchange Group, which streamlined ~25,000 jobs into 1,100 distinct profiles with requisite skills and proficiency levels. As an internal HR practitioner, I find this resource helpful in translating skills-based ideas into action. With this in mind, I also look forward to sharing my upcoming book chapter in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Professional Practices Book Series, where I discuss insights and learnings from a real-world example of skill-based talent practices.