Realizing the Full Potential of AI in the Workplace | Deloitte Insights

HR Technology

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on work and the workforce has been covered widely. And while the discourse has focused mainly on how AI will “replace” the work of humans’, it has increasingly shifted to how humans and machines can function collaboratively. This trend presents an opportunity for firms to reimagine how work and jobs can be designed to help humans complete tasks more efficiently and/or better, create more value for customers, and foster more meaningful work for people. This in-depth article provides ideas on how the promise of human-machine interaction can be realized. It includes practical examples such as customer service roles and chatbots; and radiologists and algorithms that interpret medical images. Although it is tempting for firms to want to roll-out new technologies to leverage AI quickly, it is prudent to make these decisions more deliberately. One place to start is reframing and redesigning work in ways that enable humans and machines to “complement each other’s strengths and counterbalance each other’s limitations.” Such an approach can deliver greater value to customers, shareholders, workers, and society overall.

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