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Leadership & Culture

Several articles have been published on hybrid work over the past few months. These sources usually guide the development of policies that support hybrid work, the technology which enables it, and the jobs/roles that lend themselves to this work arrangement. As firms bring workers back to a workplace that blends on-site & offsite work (hybrid work), this article submits that organizations must also recalibrate 5 drivers of their organizational culture to align with the new way of getting work done. They include: 1) Leadership & Communication: How do the decisions leaders make, behaviors they demonstrate, and what/ how they communicate shift and/or stay the same? 2) Values & Rituals: What shifts must take place in how workers interact and get work done? What must we stop, start, and continue? 3) Human Capital (HC): How will core HC processes and practices need to shift, especially considering how “blended work and life have become, and how the need to respect people’s personal space increases as technology blurs the line even more.” 4) Work Teams and Structures: How will teams need to be structured to enable team performance? 5) Performance: How will managers need to coach and develop their people in this new environment? Firms can begin to think through these questions and develop an intentional re-boarding strategy in these 5 culture areas. Doing so can help workers adjust to what work and life look like ahead while enabling performance.

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