Redefining a Skills-Based Organization | Korn Ferry

Talent Management

Numerous organizations aim to shift towards skills-based talent practices (SBTP), prioritizing individual skills over job titles, academic credentials, or years of experience for talent attraction, hiring, development, and talent redeployment. However, as highlighted in this 10-page Korn Ferry paper, embracing SBTP demands more than merely centering strategies around skills or establishing a skills database.  This paper proposes insights for transitioning to a skill-based organization (SBO), outlining the 6 Pillars crucial for an SBO. As talent practitioners think through the various aspects of this transition, I have curated 10 Q&As from various reports, such as Deloitte’s 101-page report, Building Tomorrow’s Skills-based Organization: Jobs Aren’t Working Anymore. The 10 Q&As address questions such as: How many organizations have successfully transitioned to being a SBO? How effectively are organizations classifying and organizing skills into a skills taxonomy or framework? Which areas are organizations starting with when introducing skills-based talent practices? Access the 10 Q&As HERE.