Redesign Diversity Recruiting to Reach Neglected Talent Pools | Gartner

Talent Acquisition

Many organizations continue to face challenges in attracting and hiring talent to meet their needs. However, as highlighted in this Gartner article, recruiting practices often overlook unconventional talent segments possessing valuable skills. A few of these segments include 1) candidates who are near or past the traditional retirement age but are still working, 2) individuals with career gaps or who have switched careers, 3) those lacking four-year degrees, and 4) individuals with criminal records. Additional examples of less obvious talent segments are illustrated in Figure 2. The article introduces a three-step framework to not only attract and recruit unconventional talent but also enhance overall recruiting strategies. They include: 1) Identify roles with the least resistance for access, 2) Empower hiring managers regardless of their DEI maturity, and 3) Address and mitigate hiring manager resistance stemming from fear. For step 1—preidentifying roles that offer the least resistance—tactics include prioritizing roles with extended fill times, low application rates, and high growth rates. The article offers questions to further assess opportunities for attracting and recruiting non-traditional talent segments