Redesign Recruiting Strategies in 3 Ways to Hire Quality Talent | Gartner

Talent Acquisition

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spark innovations in how organizations recruit talent in a new world of work. This article submits that “hiring quality talent today requires recruiting leaders to shift their strategies from replacing the workforce to shaping the workforce by defining needs based on skills, sourcing talent more broadly, and creating responsive employment value propositions.” Said differently, leading recruiting functions are shaping their workforce by 1) Shifting away from candidate profiles toward defining the essential skills needed to get the job done. 2) Looking at the total skills market rather than targeting available talent pools. For example, rather than source skills only from known talent pools based on credentials and background, some leading firms look beyond that by considering a candidate’s potential for learning new skills. Another strategy is to hire based on where the candidate is located, not where the business is located.  3) Create a responsive employment value proposition (EVP). As candidate preferences continue to shift increasingly, leading organizations leverage these insights to inform the design of a compelling EVP that attracts candidates. Organizations can use these and other ideas to determine how their recruiting strategies must shift in this new work environment.

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