Redesigning HR: An Operating System, Not An Operating Model | Josh Bersin

HR Effectiveness

As the various components of the HR function (e.g., Centers of Excellence, HR Business Partners, etc.) become increasingly interconnected, this new article from Josh Bersin provides several ideas for HR leaders to consider. He submits that we need to rethink HR as an integrated operating system that focuses on “problems to be solved” rather than a set of “services” or “offerings” or “programs.” Further, to solve these problems, each of the individual areas of HR (e.g., recruiting, talent management, learning, and development, etc.) needs to interconnect in a solution-oriented, real-time way. One illustration shows how the various aspects of HR are interconnected. Another chart shows ten examples of how organizations can shift from a traditional HR operating model to this new HR operating system. For example, one shift is FROM: “HR programs that take quarters or years to design and implement, and roll out as large change management programs” TO“HR programs run by “product managers’ with regular roadmap updates, driven by ‘change agility, not big bang rollouts.” Josh also notes how this HR operating system needs to be enabled by “full stack” HR professionals (like full-stack engineers) who are deep in one domain but also have wide expertise in the other domains of HR. This approach has implications for how HR leaders select and develop their HR talent. Other ideas are discussed. Also, if you haven’t done so already, I recommend that you pick up a copy of Josh’s book, Irresistible: The Seven Secrets of the World’s Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations (released October, 25, 2022).