Reimagining Human Resources: The Future of the Enterprise Demands a New Future of HR | Deloitte

HR Effectiveness

As the HR function evolves with shifting business models and expectations, this 16-page Deloitte paper provides a few helpful frameworks for navigating the future of HR. It starts with the premise that shifting to the future of HR is all about achieving business outcomes in the context of the three futures happening now: 1) Future of Enterprise, 2) Future of Workforce, and 3) Future of How Work Gets Done. These contexts require shifts in four areas: 1) Mindset – transitioning toward the future by adopting new traits and behaviors to thrive in the digital age. 2) Focus – driving value through customer-centricity and human-centered solutions. 3) Lens – breaking away from traditional HR operating models in favor of dynamic ways of working that are fit-for-purpose to achieve work outcomes inside an enterprise’s values and culture that flexes to dynamic business needs. 4) Enablers – deploying advanced technologies focused on creating productivity and simplicity of experience through a unified engagement platform. Factoring in these considerations, Figure 2 on page 8 depicts 35 areas where shifts can happen across the four areas. The length of each line on the chart reflects the potential distance between an HR organization’s current and desired future states. HR leaders can use this reference as they think about which priority areas they will tackle for their organizations. Other ideas are discussed.

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