Reimagining the Postpandemic Workforce | McKinsey Quarterly

Workforce Trends

Many companies continue to plan for a new combination of remote and on-site working, a hybrid virtual model where some employees are on-premises, while others work from home. As organizations determine which model to implement for the long-term, this article provides a few considerations. It suggests that the model selected should be the one that best optimizes the factor(s) most important to an organization, such as real-estate cost, employee productivity, access to talent, and employee experience, to name a few. Since each model will optimize certain factors while detracting from others, organizations will need to make tradeoffs. Further, since the various models’ influence the types of interactions between leaders and teams, as well as company culture, these are important decisions to make. This article has six models representing a mix of on-site and remote working, such as “Partial remote work with flex space.” Each model shows its impact on different outcomes, such as productivity. This framework can help organizations make informed decisions about which model enables the outcomes they deem most important.

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