Reinvent Talent Strategies: The Digital-Age Mandate for HR | Gartner

Talent Management

In this 25 page report, Gartner outlines four levers that HR can pull to refine their talent strategies in this digital era. The levers include 1) Reskill the Workforce, 2) Adopt an Agile Recruiting Model, 3) Foster Innovation, 4) Leverage Analytics. For each of the four sections, there is a quick overview, actions organizations can take, benefits from taking action, and a case example. And while each of the four levers is important, the section on leveraging analytics, which begins on page 19, reinforces the importance of using labor market intelligence to help business leaders understand talent gaps and use this information as they make decisions (i.e. Buy, Build, Borrow, Bot) to close them. The section on this topic includes 9 action steps to collect, interpret, and communicate labor market data.


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