Reinventing Performance and Rewards | Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly – October 2022

Talent Management

Effective performance management (PM) happens continuously throughout the year. Nonetheless, this time of the year is often a reflection point as organizations determine what needs to be accomplished for the rest of the year and the goals and objectives they will set for the new year. As managers and leaders reflect on different aspects of PM and ways to make it more effective, this 49-page Gartner HR Leaders Monthly issue provides several articles, ranging from “Leverage Teams to Maximize Performance Management in a Hybrid Setting” to “5 Tips for Improving Pay Equity At Your Organization.” Since many managers might soon prepare for an upcoming performance check-in with each of their direct reports, page 7 includes a five-point conversation framework for managers and employees to align on the employee’s current performance, the desired future performance and the steps both parties will take to get there. The five topics in the framework are: (1) the employee’s accomplishments, (2) the employee’s current projects, (3) any challenges the employee currently faces, (4) any ideas the employee has on contributing to their team or the business, and (5) any other valuable information the employee wants to share. “This approach positions the performance discussion to include what employees need, not just an evaluation of their performance, which makes the conversation feel less daunting for employees and more like a critical part of their roles.”