Reinventing Work, Reinventing HR | HRPS Blog | Josh Bersin

HR Effectiveness

Given the speed at which work continues to change, Josh Bersin presents the case that HR leaders need to reinvent the way we work, run HR, and manage our teams. To do so, it requires HR to drive the simplification of HR processes, employ technology to drive better employee experience, and mandates that HR be reorganized into “agile pools of problem solvers, designers and service delivery consultants.” 10 suggestions are offered for how HR can deliver value in this context. And while each of the 10 ideas offers sound advice, there is one, in particular, I want to point out: Building an internal talent mobility strategy–where an organization views its talent as an internal and open talent market place where jobs and projects are openly shared, and employees are identified and placed into those assignments, sometimes enabled through AI. Instead of HR spending time on modifying structured career models, HR can better serve our organizations by developing and deploying an agile, internal talent market place approach.


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